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Friday, September 23, 2011

Social Media Blog Series: Introduction to Facebook

In the next portion of our social media series we will be introducing another platform that can help your business - Facebook. Facebook is a social media site where individuals and businesses can interact with each other. With over 700 million active accounts currently on the site, there are a multitude of interactions that can take place. Also, there are a couple different accounts you can have in order to converse with others. One type of account is a Personal Profile Page and the other is a Business Page.

Profile Page
This account represents a single individual and allows typically for individuals to interact with their friends, companies they like, etc. With this account you can add friends, like Pages, download apps, and much more. You can also use a personal profile to make the next type of account, a Business Page.

Business Page
This account represents a group of people or a business and it can be “liked”. You can change a Business Page into a Personal Profile but not a Personal Profile into a Business Page. Due to these factors, this site makes it very easy to commingle your professional life and personal life.

The creation of a Facebook Business page for your entity will allow you to separate the two lives and keep a professional image. Customers and other businesses are interested in your business and with a Business Page they will be able to interact. There are some differences between the functionality and terminology used with each of the two accounts (i.e. profiles ‘friend’ and
business pages are ‘liked’), but some of the main ways to communicate are the same:

· Wall Posts- This is the most common communication to take place on a Page. Others have the ability to write on your wall, comment on posts, or even “Like” a post.
· Discussion Boards – This is an open forum. A discussion will be ordered chronologically so that the most recent is the first seen.
· Pictures – Images that are on your Business Page can add a personal touch to your company. Customers and other businesses want to see pictures of the most recent company picnic or award your business has received.

There are many ways to interact with your loyal clients and others. The next post in this series will show you how to create your Facebook Business Page.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Improved Corporation Annual Report and Tax Notifications

Great News!

Delaware Intercorp, Inc. is converting to an all electronic mail delivery format for the 2011 corporation annual report and franchise tax notifications. This change will be in keeping with the initiative set forth by the State of Delaware’s 2008 mandate, in which corporation annual reports and franchise taxes were converted to an electronic filing format. Delaware Intercorp will send your 2011 notifications in December.

Delaware Intercorp, Inc. is continually seeking ways to reduce the costs of delivering the best service for the best value by improved efficiency, through the use of technology and automation. Maintaining established communication pathways with us is vitally important. If your contact information has changed, be sure to notify us immediately to ensure that your electronic notifications are sent to your current email address.

We value your feedback! Many of the services we currently offer are in response to your requests. Electronic delivery of notifications is a frequently requested option, to our services. You spoke and we listened. If you have a need, or a suggestion of how we may better serve you, please share your thoughts with us.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Celebrating Milestones

Reaching milestones for years of service with our company, we celebrated the following team members this weekend at our company picnic:
  • Daisy - 5 years
  • Phyllis - 5 years
  • Robin - 5 years
  • Larry - 15 years
See photos of the picnic and these recipients at our Facebook Page Company Photos - 2011 Picnic.

Useful Twitter Tools

Twitter is used throughout the world. Some individuals will just use the site as a way to interact with other individuals. Other individuals may tweet every move that they make during a day. This is inappropriate to do for some businesses and also very time consuming. There are tools online to help shorten the amount of time you spend on the site while getting the full experience of Twitter. Some of those tools are:

· HootSuite - This is a dashboard for people to use multiple social media tools, to schedule posts on social media sites, and also to manage analytics.
· Twitpic- This site will allow you add pictures to tweets such as of your office, your employees, and events you are a part of.
· WeFollow- This site allows you to connect with highly influential users that have the same interests.

There are so many applications out there that will help you save time and money as you work your way through Twitter. This is just the beginning of the deep Twitter site and applications. Take some time to explore the site and see all of the options that you truly have. Feeling comfortable with Twitter? The next series of posts will discuss another well known site, Facebook.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Step by Step Instructions on How to Make a Twitter Profile for Your Business

If you and your business have not expanded into the social media circuit, one of the easiest and most efficient sites would be Twitter. This account is easy to set up and maintain. These are the steps to create a Twitter profile:

1. Navigate to webpage

2. Enter business name/ your full name, business email, and a password in the fields given. Then click on “Sign up”.

3. A username can be either created by you or chosen from the suggestions given by Twitter.

4. Read the Terms and Conditions.

a. If in agreement, click the link I Agree to Terms and Conditions and then Click “Sign Up.

5. Click on the icon in the uppermost right hand corner and scroll down to the “Settings” link.

6. Click the fifth link in the center of the page labeled “Profile”.

a. From here you can change the profile image, your location, your website, and your biography.

i. You can only have one image on Twitter which is your profile image.

ii. Your location can be just a city, state, country, or continent. This is your choice.

iii. The biography can only be 140 characters. So make sure that is describes your business.

7. Click on the sixth link to change the design of your profile. You can use the Twitter template or create your own.

a. There are multiple sites and resources to get Twitter backgrounds.

b. There are different items that have to be decided upon if you do the background yourself.

c. After changing your profile design, click “Save Changes”

8. Click on the “Who to Follow” link to find people to follow or insert the email of a client/friend and start following them.

9. The next hard task is to create your first tweet. Tweets are short and sweet with a 140 character limit so make it count.

See the @DEIntercorp Twitter page for an example. There are also many tools that can be used for your Twitter Profile. We will be introducing useful Twitter tools in our next post.


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