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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Your Small Business Can Go Green This Spring

At this time of the year the color green can symbolize St. Patrick’s Day, money or refreshment and no more winter. Embrace the positive connotation for green by making your small business more environmentally friendly. It does not take a lot of work but it does save money. Have yet to evaluate your options? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Add more plants to your office creating more oxygen and adding the color and visual appeal your office may lack.
  • Look into getting energy saving appliances for your business. Between energy savings, possible tax rebates and competitive pricing, the impact to your budget may be reduced.
  • Check the environmental regulations of your industry to make sure your business is in compliance. Save your business from fines and legal action that will come with noncompliance.
  • Start recycling in your office. Many waste disposal companies now do a recycling program.
  • Recycle or donate unused office supplies to help other businesses. It’s a good idea and may provide a tax deduction!
  • Use both sides of paper sheets. It does not cost more and will help you retain more supplies.
  • Reduce the amount of electricity that is used by your business, i.e. turn off monitors and printers overnight. The horror of electric bills is something most small business owners know.
  • Conserve water. Fix that leaky faucet or use less water to wash those dishes in your office kitchenette. The goal is to help keep this precious resource around and also cut water costs.
  • If possible allow employees to work at home; cutting down their personal costs and the costs for your business.
  • If applicable, encourage use of public transit. This will allow for less parking to be taken up and also cut down on the cost of commuting.
  • Invite staff to take a stroll to lunch one day. This will allow lunch to be a social gathering and encourage exercise.
  • Offer employee incentives for having hybrid cars. The fuel efficient vehicles will allow them to spend less on gas and possibly give your business the push to use hybrids for your fleets.
  • If it is nice outside, open the windows. Give your employees some fresh air and also save yourself money that would have been spent either heating or cooling the office.
  • Tax incentives are available for green businesses. Look into some that are applicable for you.

Rather than pinch someone who is not wearing green on St. Patty’s Day, pinch yourself if you have not strived to make your small business greener.


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