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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Winter Blues and Me

I don’t know about anyone else, but I see no beauty or comfort in snow, ice, and short gray days. My mood is generally low and my energy level in sharp decline. These are a few of my tricks to make it through this dismal season:
Planning a trip to the Caribbean with
Liberty Travel- this summer with any luck, my daughter and I are Mayan Riviera bound.
Movies, Movies, Movies! With
RedBox, a rental is $1.00 per day.
A recent obsession is tea-
Teavana at Christiana Mall offers delightful samples of this product and sells loose tea leaves by the oz. I have learned that specific kinds of tea are helpful with mood enhancement and boosting energy levels.

Keeping Your Records Up to Date Can Keep your Investments Yours

It is very important to update your address with all holders of your investments. When a company can't find its stockholders, their stock gets surrendered to the State, and sometimes stolen.

As we wrote at the law office, state officials who were supposed to be protecting these unclaimed funds (called escheat), were taking the money for themselves.

The office of the escheator is charged with receiving unclaimed property, and holding on to it for a time. If the property remains unclaimed, then it belongs to the state. Delaware's Office of the Escheator was created in 1805.

So, its a great idea to keep all of your records updated with your current contact information.

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