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Thursday, July 16, 2015


Whatever item you will be shipping, timing matters.  Also you would like your goodies to arrive quickly and safely.  Here are some tips that you should remember:

1. Typically, Mondays and Tuesdays are the busiest shipping days, so your  in-and –out time may be faster midweek.
2. When shipping perishables, avoid sending them right before a weekend or holiday because your package may sit in a sorting facility over the weekend. Perishable items that travel well include bread, dried fruit, mixes and hard candies.
3. When sending chocolates be sure to refrigerate it as long as you can prior to packaging and use a gel ice in the box to avoid melting.
4. Choose the best shipping option based on the price and reliability.

 Most of the shipping providers will assist you to custom pack or figure out the most cost-effective way to ship an item.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

DBA Filings

If you plan to operate your business under a name other than how it is legally registered, you will most likely need to file a DBA, also known as a Fictitious Name.  This would typically occur in the jurisdiction where you plan to conduct business. 

If you need to register a Fictitious Name in Delaware, our experienced team is here to support you! We provide filing service in all three of Delaware’s counties for a low $75.00 fee per filing. Fictitious Name Procurement can be conveniently purchased online at     Have questions?  Contact me or any member of our Incorporation Staff by phone  toll free at 888.324.1817, 302.266.9367 or email

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