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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

State of Delaware now offers online lookup of entity data.

The State of Delaware has launched a new lookup service. In typical State fashion, they have crippled the interface so it will not show you the status of the entity you research. They want you to pay the fees to get a certificate evidencing status instead of offering it for free.

Delaware Intercorp, Inc., has an online connection to the State database that allows us to get status information for free. Please call or email your requests. If you need a certificate of status, let us know. We can print them right in our office in real time so there is no need to pay for expedited service through the State.

The online entity information is good for one thing, checking name availability. This also is crippled by not giving status information. If the name appears, it does not necessarily mean the name is not available. The company you find in your search may not still exist. Old names stay on the database. To test drive the State's new system, point your browser to

Once again, it is simpler to ask us to check your name availability. Our expert incorporation specialists can dig through the clutter to determine if your name is truly available or not.


Delaware Now Offers Name Reservations Online - With a Hitch.

The State of Delaware now offers online name reservations for corporations and alternate entities. This is part of the State's catch-up effort regarding web services.

The service works well, but we recommend our clients do not take advantage of the new capability. We do this for several reasons:
  • First, we can reserve the name for your corporation for free.
  • Second, We can file to create an LLC for about the same cost as the reservation fee.
  • Third, if you reserve your company name, we will see it as a taken name and use your second choice unless you tell us in advance.
  • Fourth, you MUST retain your confirmation number so we can file on the name you reserved. Loss of this number may complicate your filing and result in further charges.
In short, it is simpler to just give us a call. We can reserve your name or file your company in less time and for less money than if you reserve it on the State website.

Just another way we look out for our customers here at Delaware Intercorp, Inc.

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