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Friday, June 24, 2005

SCORE®, Counselors to America's Small Business

How would you like to have your own private counselor to help you start a new business or help your existing business grow and succeed?

Let me introduce you to SCORE®.

SCORE is made up of businessmen and businesswomen with successful careers and entrepreneurial ventures that want to give back to their local business communities.
That means they will help you for free!

The organization has 10,500 volunteers. In 2004, they spent 1.42 million hours helping entrepreneurs by providing small business counseling and training through a network of 389 chapters and 800 branches.

SCORE has made it easy for you to find a local chapter in your state.

So what exactly can score do for you?
Here's some of what you can expect-

SCORE mentors entrepreneurs through one-to-one business advising sessions on a full range of business topics. You can contact your local chapter for face to face meeting, or Ask SCORE for confidential business advice online!

SCORE online resources like their Learning Center can help you make important decisions regarding your business success while the Business Toolbox can provide you with free templates, workbooks and online workshops.

SCORE’s mission statement says it all:
SCORE provides professional guidance and information, accessible to all, to maximize the success of America’s existing and emerging small businesses

Don't waste this opportunity to receive top-notch assistance at no cost!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Well, the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act is now the law of the land regarding bankruptcy. There was so much talk of the good and bad of this law from different perspectives during the debate, I thought I might be able to find a good summary on the net.

Most of the commentary I have found is from TV and radio types who claim the law is the end of the world for either corporations or debtors, depending upon their point of view.

I did find a rather scholarly review from Young, Conaway, Stargatt and Taylor, a law firm in Wilmington, DE (The Bankruptcy Capital of the World). If you decide to check it out, remember, it is written for professionals and contains a significant amount of jargon.

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