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Monday, February 15, 2016

Reminder: Delaware Corporation Annual Report and Franchise Tax Filing Deadline March 1st

Delaware Corporations
Franchise tax: March 1, 2016 DUE DATE
Dear Valued Client:  

This is your final reminder from your Delaware Registered Agent that there are only two weeks remaining to pay the State of Delaware Franchise Tax and file your Corporation Annual Report. The filing deadline for 2015 Delaware Corporate Franchise Tax and Annual Report filings is MARCH 1, 2016.

The Delaware Division of Corporations requires all Annual Reports be filed electronically and include your Delaware Franchise Tax payment. 

Failing to file a fully completed report, and remit the proper payment on or before MARCH 1, 2016, will result in a $125.00 penalty and interest of 1.5% per month assessed by the State of Delaware. Additionally, it will prevent your company from obtaining a certificate of good standing and will ultimately result in the State revoking your charter. 
File your Annual Report and Pay your Franchise Tax in One EZ Step using Delaware Intercorp, Inc.'s EZ File annual report and franchise tax interface.  Key features are a one page report form and the ability to store your Annual Report information from year to year. Plus, you'll automatically receive a PDF copy of your filed annual report via e-mail for no additional charge!
Log in to your Delaware Intercorp account, using your email address of record and password.  Then use the navigation menu at the top of our home page and select  "Pay Franchise Tax/ EZ File".  
1.             Select a company from the drop down box (if you have more than one  
                company registered with us). 
2.             Complete the required fields on the annual report form.
3.             Add the annual report to your cart and check out! 

Please contact a Franchise Tax specialist by email or by calling; (302) 266-9367 or toll-free (888) 324-1817, Monday thru Friday 8am - 5pm Eastern Time if you encounter an issue with the log in process -or- you need further information or assistance in filing your franchise tax.

To learn more about the advantages of EZ File, visit our website at:

Alternatively, you can log in to file electronically with the State of Delaware, Division of Corporations and obtain Live Support at the following link:  

Your State file number is required to login and can be located on any previous invoice from our office, and on your Certificate of Incorporation.  

As always, we are here to assist you with maintaining your Delaware Corporation in good standing!  


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