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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Virtual Companies Offer Advantages

I think that the term "Virtual Office" assumes is that every office is a brick and mortar structure, and that anything else is less and must be "virtually" an office.

Dash those assumptions. Think out of the box.... literally.

People are more than ever, working from where they are rather than going to where they work. People are collaberating and contracting with folks all over the globe for products and services. The natural path of this... the "virtual company".

I'm repulsed by the use of the term (because I think a company is a company, regardless as to its land holdings), but use it nonetheless to communicate so that at least some of you will understand what I'm jabbering about. My definition then of a "virtual company" is: Folks(and other entities) joining in an enterprise to conduct business regardless as to location and without dedicated structural facilities.

Having gone through all of that, I struggle to the real topic... as discussed by Penelope Trunk... Virtual Companies are booming and offer solid business and personal advantages.

The business concept works well when walk-in traffic is irrelevant to the business plan, and face to face meetings are infrequent enought that rented conference rooms can serve the purpose.

Start-ups and established businesses alike are finding value in the cost savings and lifestyle options available through this methodology.

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