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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Seniors – Find Ways to Keep Fit and Healthy – Aquatic Exercise at the “Y”

We all know that exercise is the key to staying fit and healthy.  However, as a senior, I find that having the time and the energy to exercise can be a bit of a problem, especially if you are still working.

 I have a YMCA membership and utilize it whenever I can to help me with things like my core, stability and strength.  The YMCA  offers several very good aquatic classes held in the shallow end of the pool. Whenever I get a chance I drop by for a HYDROPUMP class or Tai Chi/Yoga/Pilates class.    I like both of these classes because I don’t have to be a swimmer to participate and I don’t like exercising in the deep end of the pool.  The class is one I can take advantage of as a senior because it is recommended for all fitness levels.  These classes also work great for my schedule as there are classes scheduled for early evenings during the week and early Saturday mornings.

 If you like water exercise, I would highly recommend these classes.  The classes are fun as well as a great way to keep “fit and healthy”!

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Monday, February 08, 2016


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