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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Lost and Found in Cyberspace

Most businesses want their websites to be found by search engines. But when your business is dependent on customers finding your "bricks and mortar", there is more to it. Our favourite SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guy, Bill Slawski from has posted some advice on his personal blog that is much more valuable than what he is charging for it - it is free.

He lists seven things that can help search engines locate you in space, once they have found you in cyberspace.

Feedback on IRS Tax Forms

The IRS is looking for feedback on new versions of their tax forms. They have made drafts of the forms available online and are asking tax professionals to review the forms and respond within 30 days of the post date. Feel free to review the forms and submit your comments.

Monday, August 22, 2005

More interesting research from the Small Business Administration

A report from the SBA examines the costs of employee benefits to businesses of all sizes.

Cost of Employee Benefits in Small and Large Businesses, by Joel Poplin and Company illustrates the vast differences in amounts paid for health insurance by size of company and by industry. It is interesting to note that the largest companies pay the most, followed by the smallest companies and the mid range companies pay the least.

This report is rather dense, but it is full of food for thought. The condensed version is available also.

Imagine, the average cost of employee benefits is $7.40 per hour. What is the minimum wage in your state? In Delaware it is $6.15, but I guess these employees don't get much in the way of benefits.

The full version of the report makes a number of policy recommendations.

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