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Thursday, February 03, 2005

President Tackles Social Security, Alone?

The response to the Presidents' plan to fix Social Security, some of the Democratic members of Congress actually booed. I have not heard such a thing in a long time, if ever.

I hope the President does not have to tackle this difficult issue alone. As this writer was quoted on CNN American Morning this morning:

The Democrats have proven they can be rude and obstructionist.

Now let's see if they can get on board and make some positive contribution to the overhaul of Social Security. Don't they understand? We need them to be part of this or it will be written entirely by one side of the social spectrum.

The President is showing true courage on this. We should support him, even those who don't trust him.

We need the Democrats to watch over the process.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

War on Drugs Claims Another Victim

The War on Drugs carried out by the US Federal Government has claimed another victim - Our fourth amendment rights.

In the Volokh Conspriacy there is a report by Orin Kerr on the Supreme Court reaffirmation of its 1983 precedent that the use of drug sniffing dogs is not a fourth amendment "Search". The rationale has something to do with the fact that you cannot have property rights in an illegal substance and strikes the writer as a bunch of bull.

I think there are two lessons here. First is that we must be careful in letting our legislatures outlaw things as opposed to acts. The second is that we all must take a more active roll in reigning in our government. The war on drugs even threatens our success in Afghanistan.

The "United States v Place" decision is available online for your review.

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