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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

New Seal of the Delaware Secretary of State

We first brought you this news in a post on January 10th (The Delaware Secretary of State Has New Seal!).

Here's the State publication which just recently appeared on their website:

The Secretary of State has a new Seal of Office (PDF)

It contains some good color images, a nice historical narrative, and some tips for distinguishing the difference between the old and new seals.


The Number Of Captive Insurance Domiciles Registered In Delaware Doubles During 2010

The number of captive insurers in 2010 grew from 48 to 96.

According to the Captive Bureau’s Director, Steve Kinion, the growth resulted from a number of re-domestications from off-shore nations to Delaware, as well as the fact that only in Delaware can an entity form a series entity captive. A series entity captive is an exclusive method of organizing a captive insurer. Utilizing Delaware’s limited liability company or statutory trust acts, a series structure can streamline corporate governance and other overhead costs.

Commissioner Stewart added,
“One of the attributes of domiciling in Delaware is that a captive insurer can take advantage of Delaware’s premier entity laws. No other jurisdiction integrates corporate and captive like the Delaware, the First and Global State.”

Read the press release: Delaware Doubles Number Of Captive Domiciles In 2010

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