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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Restoring a Voided Delaware Corporation

Have you gone online to submit your corporation’s franchise tax only to find that it is now Void?  A Void status occurs with a corporation when two consecutive years of annual reports and/or franchise tax have not been submitted to the State. 

A Voided Delaware Corporation can restore by electronically submitting all due annual reports and tax, then filing a Certificate of Renewal and Revival with the State. 

If you plan to make this filing independently, you will find templates of the Certificate of Renewal and Revival Certificate on the State’s website   If you ‘d like assistance with registered agent appointment, document preparation and filing, contact Delaware Intercorp at

Monday, March 07, 2016


Yes, you read it right! On April 10 the price of the 1st class stamp will drop down from 49 cents to 47 cents. I don’ think anyone who is alive today remembers when was last time the stamp price fell. It was on July 1919 when the 1st class stamp price dropped from 3 cents to 2 cents.

The price cut is part of the pre-arranged agreement with Congress in which USPS was previously allowed to temporarily increase the price of stamps by 3 cents to boost its revenue  for  2 years only. The Post Office has appealed to Congress to let the stamp price remain at 49 cents as the rollback will worsen the already bad financial condition of the Postal Service.

The First Class mail prices will be adjusted to the following:

                                                                    Current                 Mandatory Reduction
  Letters (1 oz.)                                             49 cents                             47 cents
  Letters- additional ounces                          22 cents                             21 cents
  Letters to all international destinations      $1.20                                  $1.15
  Postcards                                                    35 cents                             34 cents

A complete listing of the new prices effective April 10 is available at

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