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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Delaware's Premier Hotel

The Hotel DuPont on Rodney Square in Wilmington Delaware is the grand dame of Delaware hotels. Recently the Wall Street Journal made mention of the old lady in a test of a new laptop computer by Sony.

Unfortunately, not all publicity is good publicity.

The reviewer mentioned his surprise that the former five star hotel in Wilmington did not offer high speed data connections in its' rooms.

Some businesses are slower than others to adapt to change. Note I wrote FORMER five star hotel.


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Financial Crimes Information Network (FinCEN)

The Financial Crimes Information Network (FinCEN) has made more interesting reading available on their website.

They have made available what they call The SAR Activity Review - By the Numbers Issue 2 at
It is a State-by-State tabulation of the numbers and classifications of suspicious activity reports filed through the end of 2003.

The number of transaction reports processed is staggering. Here is the real price we pay for the terrorist's attacks on America.


Delaware Franchise Fee Due Date is Fast Approaching.

The Delaware Franchise Fee for limited liability companies and alternate entities (Partnerships, et cetera) is due in the hands of the Division of Corporations by June First.

The base fee for these entities is now $200.00 so the penalties and interest will add up fast if you do not get your payment in on time.

LLCs may file online with the Division at

If you cannot pay online you may pay through Delaware Intercorp, Inc. We charge $35.00 until May 15th and $50.00 for all payments received after that time. Feel free to contact Barbara at for more details.


Financial Crimes Information Network (FinCEN)

The US Treasury Financial Crimes Information Network allows companies that handle cash and money changing transactions to sign up as a provider of information regarding suspicious activities.

The list of opt in companies is available by State at

Banks and other obvious finance companies are all members of the network automatically. The list above is just the entities that feel they must provide data on suspicious transactions.

It might be interesting to see who is on the list from your State. Do you, in the course of your business, change money, send money or accept large cash transactions? If so, you may want to contact the FinCEN at .


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