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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Does registering my company with the Delaware Division of Corporations mean I have a business license?

Registering your company with the Delaware Division of Corporations does not mean that you have a business license.  Generally speaking, registering your company brings it into existence whereas licensing gives your company permission to conduct a specific type of business in a specific location (i.e. County or State).    

Most companies will find they have licensing or permit requirements in their local jurisdiction so you will want to research what licenses your company might need to operate wherever you will physically be conducting business.  Depending on the type of business you conduct and where you are conducting that business, you may even have obligations with more than one agency (eg: states, counties, cities, and municipalities).   

To help you save time, visit our State Government and Business Resources page, where we have gathered links to many state offices, to help you begin to find the information that you may need. Links to the business registration office, and the Division of Revenue/Taxation, for each state, as well as many other government offices, are provided.

It may seem like a hassle, but this an important step you will need to take beyond incorporating or forming a limited liability company!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Now under construction, Cabela’s is promising a Grand Opening in the Spring of 2014 at the Christiana Mall!  This is great news for outdoor enthusiasts that have had to make the drive to other locations such as Hamburg, PA or order online or from a catalog. 

The introduction of Cabela’s is part of Christiana Mall’s massive expansion boasting specialty shops and restaurants that appeal to those looking for variety of tax fee products and services.

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