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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Contact Information

As the end of year approaches, please take a minute to verify that your address and other contact information is up-to-date, both on your website account and in our internal records. 

Login into your account and click on the My Account link in the upper right corner to review your billing address and to make any changes.

At this time, any changes you make to your website account will not automatically update our internal office record of your contact information, so please also contact our office by phone at (302)266-9367 or email to report any changes.



Wednesday, November 09, 2016


A Registered Agent is an individual or a business entity which is located at a physical street address, and who is responsible for accepting legal documents such as a Service of Process.

A Service of Process is a notice that there is a lawsuit filed against a Corporation or LLC. This involves serving the defendant with a summons or a subpoena. In the case of an LLC or Corporation, the summons or subpoena is served on the Registered Agent. 

The sole purpose of the Registered Agent is to accept legal documents (service of process, lawsuits, liens, subpoenas, etc.) on behalf of a business entity. The Registered Agent must provide a legal address (not a P.O. Box) where there are persons available during normal business hours to facilitate legal service of process being served in the event of a legal action or lawsuit.

If a Registered Agent fails to perform this important function, it can have dire consequences for the business entity. If a business has not been notified of a summons to appear in court to respond to a lawsuit, then when the case went to trial, no one would appear to defend the business and the plaintiff would win by a default judgment.

You can see that it is imperative for a Registered Agent to forward a Service of Process immediately to a business since it usually contains time-sensitive material.

Please direct an email to us at  if you have any questions or concerns regarding a Service of Process.


Many clients ask us if they really need a corporate kit.  Although the kit itself is not a requirement, record keeping often is, even if you are the only individual involved in the company.  One of the reasons you started a LLC or corporation is to limit liability, right?  Maintaining accurate records is one of the important steps in doing that.

Corporate Kits are tools designed to help you with that process. They are 3-ring binders customized with your company name that come with sample printed templates for various company resolutions and actions, and they store important company documents in one place for easy retrieval.  In addition to being necessary for compliance in some cases, it’s practical to have all of your documents organized for banks, lenders, investors, buyers, and other parties.

Each corporate kit will also include 20 pre-printed stock/membership certificates as well as a corporate embossing seal to give your documents a more professional look.

Forgot to order your kit at the time of incorporation, or not using our agent service?  Not a problem – anyone can order a kit from us, anytime.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Delaware Franchise Tax General Notification

Delaware Intercorp wants to assist you with maintaining your Delaware corporate entity in good standing!  

To do this we offer several tools:

  •            General Franchise Tax Notification email
  •            EZ File access to pay and file your Delaware Annual Report and/or Franchise Tax
  •            Corporation Franchise Tax Notification email and final reminder email
  •            GP/LLC/LP Franchise Tax Notification email and final reminder email
  •            A knowledgeable and helpful staff that will assist you with the filing process!

As we approach the end of calendar year 2016, and the Delaware Franchise Tax season, our first step is to send a General Franchise Tax Notification email to all of our clients November 11th.  

Please contact us if you do not receive our General Notification.  The receipt failure is likely the result of: 1) We don’t have your accurate email address or, 2) Your ISP has labeled our email as “junk”.

Help us to help you!  We want to help you to stay in good standing, and to avoid a late penalty and interest assessment.  Let’s overcome contact issues early so that we may succeed!

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