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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Incorporator Returns From Mexico

In addition to coffee, chocolate and anti-depressants, travel is part of my overall health and sanity maintenance program. If I am not “away”, I am planning to be, or like now, subjecting people to my travel stories. This one is about the Mayan Riviera, Mexico.

If you are a fan of “Punch Buggy”, then this is the place for you as Volkswagon “Bugs” are everywhere. My 11 year old daughter and I had a ball pummeling one another in the shuttle from the airport to the Grand Palladium Resort. This game was quickly upgraded to “Slap Iguana” as these funny little creatures could be found throughout the property. Ahhh, life’s simple pleasures.

My draw to this region originally was the Mayan ruins of Tulum, then Chichen Itza, and this past time Coba. On our visit to Coba, my tour guide Jorge’s casual mention of an abundance of venomous snakes, including the “jumping viper” freaked me out. Considering that “harmless” black snakes here in the good ole US of A have caused me to run at full speed, flailing my arms and uncontrollably screaming like a small child, this was news that had me teetering on the edge of an anxiety attack. I guess the air sickness bag from the plane would have come in handy for this and other moments of impending hyperventilation. I will say that Coba was, (excuse the pun), breathtaking and well worth what felt like a minor coronary. My daughter and I climbed the great pyramid, a privilege which will soon be unavailable to tourists, due to Mexico’s desire to preserve it and other historic sites.

I am supremely proud of the fact that I actually snorkeled. (Not like last time when I lazily floated about and occasionally dipped my head under water.) This was the real thing- flippers, stupid mask and breathing tube which pooched out my lips so that I bore a close resemblance to that of an Orangutan. My daughter and I explored cenotes both open and in caves. The fish, swimming in their schools, were amazing and in reaching distance. I could almost swear that one intentionally approached my underwater camera and bubbled the word “Cheese!”.

The Grand Palladium resort, consisting of 4 hotels was huge, gorgeous and well maintained. Our evening activity there, in addition to trough style dining, was “HORSE”, in a jungle surrounded court. And by trough style eating, I mean huge quantities of food, mainly consisting of several variations of dessert, being deposited into my gradually expanding belly. Normally, I steer clear of buffet style dining, but the food was of good quality and the serving area was kept clean by an attentive staff. I found the hotel employees, a great many of whom were Mayan, to be hard working, charming and thoughtful.

Well I’m back in the real world now, firmly planted behind my desk here at Delaware Intercorp. I appreciate the fact that the writing of this blog has served to lighten my mood a bit. If you have read this, I hope you have been entertained. (If I have bored you, thanks for the humanitarian gesture of lending an ear or in this case, an eye or two.)

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