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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day; The Marketing Way

St. Patrick’s Day is now a widely-known holiday in the United States celebrated on March 17th. People of all backgrounds take the opportunity to celebrate with parades and other festivities. It is customary to have a pint of Guinness at the nearest pub, and to wear the color green to ward off the leprechauns.

One Saint Patrick’s Day tradition started in the 1700’s is when children believed that by wearing green, they would be invisible to leprechauns. The children started pinching other children not wearing green as reminder that leprechauns could see and attack them. Currently some school aged children will still pinch other children not wearing green on the holiday. Another tradition for adults is to go to an Irish pub to celebrate the holiday due to the fact that Saint Patrick’s Day lands right after a religious holiday allowing the observers to indulge in food and drink they were previously prohibited from. So how do you use this cultural holiday for your small business? Easy! Use the information that you know and create a marketing plan.

Some ways to use this holiday for your business is:

  • Put a Pot of Gold on your advertisements to show all the money saved by using your business.
  • Create a sale that ends on St Patrick’s Day. This will help clients associate the two events making the sale more memorable.
  • Happy Hours – This does mean that you have to turn your business into an Irish pub. But offer happy hours up till Saint Patrick’s Day where your customer can save “green”. Make it a two or three hour window during the day or night when more customers are available.
  • Four leaf clovers symbolize luck, so how about creating some lucky winners by having four leaf clover advertisements that take a certain percentage off your customer’s next purchase. If in the budget, make it more fun with a scratch off advertisement with each leaf being a different discount.

This creates a lot of opportunities to get new clients and entertain the ones that you have.

Even though your mission is to entice paying customers, invite your staff to get into the spirit by taking part in the Saint Patrick’s Day fun. Allow employees to wear green and/or participate in an Irish potluck lunch. Incorporate a St. Patrick’s Day drawing with themed prizes. Have fun with researching, printing, reciting and posting Irish blessings and sayings. Employees who join in with the spirit of things may contribute to the celebratory air to make your event a bigger success. A successful business sees not only the value of the dollar but also the value of the relationship! (clients and employees alike)

This one might eat up all of your hard earned profits: Celebrate all of your hard work by taking employees out to dinner for the holiday.


Friday, March 16, 2012

The Delaware Corporate Legislation Tracker

The Delaware Corporate Legislation Tracker is a free service offered by our firm, designed to keep you informed on current and pending legislation related to Delaware Corporate rules, regulations, and Delaware business matters. Stay on top of changes to the DGCL & the Delaware Code with the Delaware Corporate Legislation Tracker!

The following Legislation affecting Title 30 State Taxes was acted upon by the General Assembly on 3/15/2012:

HB 275

This Act establishes the Veterans’ Opportunity Credit, which shall be awarded to employers hiring qualified veterans. The credit shall equal 10% of a qualified veteran’s wages, up to a maximum of $1,500. Employers may take the credit in the year the qualified veteran is hired and the two subsequent tax years.

Bill History:

Mar 15, 2012 - Introduced and Assigned to Veterans Affairs Committee in House


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