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Thursday, February 21, 2008


A lot of people nowadays sneeze due to change of weather or allergic to something. And everytime , people say "GOD BLESS YOU!" when someone sneezed. Makes you wonder why do they say that? This custom dates back to medieval times, when people believed that the force of a sneeze temporarily separated the breath and the spirit of life from a person's body. Our ancestors would quickly bless the sneezer to prevent evil spirit (or soul) returned on the next in- breath.
The link between breath and spirit is recognized in the languages of ancient and modern culture throughout the world. For example in Hawaii, the word "Ha"means both God and breath which means "May God be with you". In Hawaiian greeting ,a hug and a few gentle breaths on the cheek of the other person means"I honor the spirit of God with you"
Nowadays soul blessings such as these are considered to be superstitious customs but the people of ancient culture took the term "breath of life" in its most literal sense.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Notice Holiday Closure

For President's Day, the Federal and State offices are closed today. In line with the government, the Offices of Delaware Intercorp, Inc are also closed today, although automated purchasing and filing may still be accomplished.

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