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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Documents You Might Need for Your Corporation

Before you incorporate your company in Delaware, take a moment to think about what other documents/forms you might need to start the business. For example, if you are going to a bank to open a checking account or for a loan you might need a Certified Copy of your Incorporation documents or a Certificate of Good Standing. These documents can be ordered at the time you place your order.

Keep in mind that these documents have a “shelf life” of 30-90 days (Good Standing) so order them when needed. The Certified Copy states that the document is certified as a true and correct copy of an original document (such as your Certificate of Incorporation or Formation)

Your Delaware Corporation or Limited Liability Company may also benefit from having a corporate forms CD on hand to help with the creation of many of the documents you will need for your new company. Such items as By-Laws, Minutes of meetings, Bill of Sale and Promissory notes are all included. The first time owner can gain valuable knowledge by reading through these documents to get an idea of various situations that they may be faced with while running their company.

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Monday, November 24, 2003

Helpful IRS Checklist

In doing some research recently, I discovered the IRS new business checklist and their advice regarding issues involved with starting a business. I thought it would be a good idea to share this with our customers and our potential customers. Some of the items covered on the IRS website include:

Before You Begin
Checklist for Starting a Business
Recommended Reading for Small Businesses
Selecting a Structure
Husband and Wife Business
Family Help
Is It a Business or a Hobby?
Employer ID Number (EIN)
Writing a Business Plan
Financing a Business
Copyright and Patent Issues
Licenses and Permits
DOL Regulatory Compliance
When Do I Start My Tax Year?
Select an Accounting Method
Federal Business Taxes
Tax Assistance
Exempt Organizations
Labor Market Information
The IRS Small Business Website Link

Abusive Tax Shelters and Tax Evasion

The United States Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is making a big push in enforcement and persuasion to root out what they call abusive tax shelters. The IRS recently published a list of talking points for tax practitioners to use with their clients. These are, I assume, ways to talk your clients out of using these tax shelters.
IRS talking points on Abusive Tax Shelters

Matching the persuasion effort is the enforcement effort. The IRS is pulling out the stops in its effort to curb the use of tax avoidance schemes. They are pursuing the marketers and developers of the shelters by demanding registration of all shelters that firms promote. You may want to ask your tax advisor about his or her policies if you participate in any tax reduction schemes.
Google link about Tax Shelter enforcement news.

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