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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Income Studies on International Businesses

Like data?

Check out these statistics (courtesy of the US Dept of Treasury) relating to the international business sector.

For each of the below areas, there are text articles and/or statistical tables that include both recent and historical data.

Controlled Foreign Corporations
Provides data on activities of foreign corporations controlled by U.S. corporations. Data are taken from Form 5471.

Corporate Foreign Tax Credits
Provides data on foreign income and taxes reported by U.S. corporations claiming foreign tax credits. These credits are claimed to reduce or eliminate the double taxation of income earned overseas. Data are taken from Form 1118.

Foreign Controlled Domestic Corporations
Provides data on U.S. corporations with 50-percent-or-more stock ownership by a single foreign "person." Covers balance sheet, income statement, and tax-related data. Data are taken from Form 1120 series.

Foreign Corporations with U.S. Business Operations
Provides data on foreign corporations with income connected to a U.S. trade or business. Covers income statement and selected tax items. Data are taken from Form 1120-F.

Foreign Sales Corporations/IC-DISC'S
Foreign Sales Corporations (FSC's) are foreign companies created by a "parent" shareholder to derive tax benefits from the export of U.S. products. Interest-Charge Domestic Sales Corporations (IC-DISC's) are domestic companies created for a similar purpose. Data are taken from Forms 1120-FSC and 1120-IC DISC.

Foreign Trusts
Provides data on foreign trusts that have U.S. "persons" as grantors, transferors, or beneficiaries. This study is conducted every 4 years. Data is taken from Forms 3520 and 3520-A.

Transactions of Foreign-Owned Corporations
Provides data on financial transactions (such as stock purchases or interest payments) between U.S. corporations and their foreign owners. This study is conducted every 2 years. Data is taken from Form 5472.

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