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Friday, September 21, 2007

Family Addition

About 4 months ago, my daughter and I decided together that we should extend our family by adopting a dog. (As if the hamster, the goldfish, the hermit crab and cat were not enough). Acknowledging a puppy as high maintenance, I did not quite know how to go about finding a suitable canine co-habitant. A friend of mine recommended that I try –from which we were directed to . The outcome of this research is our 1 1/2 year old peculiar mix of pug/chihuahua-affectionately named "Puggers" by the organization's founder Leslie. He provides such lively entertainment as repeatedly chasing his tail and tossing his favorite toy "Squeekers" in the air and catching it. Puggers will even lend a helpful paw when it comes to afterdinner clean up. Atta boy! And yes…he is a vicious..umm cute, guard dog!


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Survey of Women Business Owners

Interested in learning about the female entrepreneur?

Then you need to check out 2007 Survey of Women Business Owners.

The results show that women entrepreneurs take risks, are educated, and have borrowing power.

  • 60 percent of women surveyed would use up to 95 percent of their personal savings or put up their home as collateral for a loan to start or expand their business.

  • 40 percent of women business owners have a post-graduate education, compared with only 9 percent of the entire female labor force.

  • Less than 6 percent have gone to a bank and never been able to receive financing.

The survey polled 650 respondents across the country, including 609 small business owners with anywhere from 1 - 100 employees.

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