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Thursday, July 31, 2008

When you get tired of walking, ride…

LUMS POND STATE PARK EQUESTRIAN CENTER, LLC, a Delaware company doing business as Sunset Stables, near Lums Pond in Delaware, offers trail rides, pony parties, summer horse camps, and lessons for all ages. Make sure to call ahead.

For the horseback riding enthusiast, the Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation offers 150 miles of trails open for horse riding on state-owned lands. Visit for details.

August Means "Back to School"... Not Even Close!

The lazy days of summer are fast coming to a close. The days will be getting shorter but, they’ll also be getting cooler. Autumn is a great time for family time out of doors visiting local color and places of interest in and near Delaware.

Local produce is being harvested and there are festivals celebrating incoming crops. You can spend the day exploring “U-Pick” locations. The family not only gets to enjoy quality time together but there is the added advantage of enjoying the “fruits” of your labor when you get home.

There are fairs and walking tours aplenty within a couple hours driving distance. Attendees not only get to absorb sites and sounds outside their normal daily experiences, but the fresh air, sunshine and activity are beneficial to you physical well being.

Autumn can be not only good for your heart, mind and body, but also good for your soul.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

'Tis The Season...Ending

Well, Franchise Tax season is officially over for me, although there are some lingering duties.

I always suggest that our customers keep track of the franchise tax due dates in case they miss our email and mailed notices or reminders.

Corporation franchise taxes are due March 1st every year in which the corporation has not filed a dissolution or certificate of merger during the previous year.

LLC franchise taxes are due June 1st every year in which the LLC has not filed a certificate of cancellation, dissolution or merger during the previous year.

Contact one of our incorporation specialists if you need our assistance with this process.

Franchise tax dates to keep in mind are as follows:

3/1 - Corporations Annual Report and Franchise Tax
6/1 - LLCs
6/30 - Foreign Annual Report
6/1 - LP/LLLP Franchise tax
6/1 - LLLP Annual Report

Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments – Taxpayers who owe $5,000.00 or more pay taxes in quarterly installments based on the prior year’s assessment. 40% is due June 1, 20% is due September 1, 20% is due December 1, and the remaining 20% is due March 1.

If you don’t have an email calendar, you can try an online calendar Good luck, and be sure to keep up with those dates!


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