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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

We, Incorporated

In the latest (July 2004) issue of Fast Company magazine, Keith H. Hammonds interviews Doug Smith. The interview focuses on the interface between Value and Values within a business.

Mr. Smith has written a book called "On Value and Values: Thinking Differently About We... in an Age of Me.

Most of us maintain an employment relation with an organization. Many of us do not have ANY other substantive relations with church, school or neighborhood to help define our Values. So work is it!

What are the implications for that when you work for a company that does not share your values? Is it possible to be profitable (create value) AND be committed to our common Values? He argues that we can.

The trick is to realize that we (you and me) have the power to pull this off every day. Is the company you work for demonstrating a strong commitment to value and Values?

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