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Friday, July 27, 2007

Summer Fun… and learning too?

Seeing as it is almost August, I guess it is safe to say summer is fully in swing. One tradition of summer is summer camps.

This year I heard about on in particular that I thought was pretty interesting. The Delaware Center for Horticulture centers it self on educating not only to appreciate but also improve the community we live in through horticulture.

One unique step they take is by offering a summer camp to a very privileged group of 12 and 13 year olds. By showing kids this young the unique horticulture that our state has to offer, they grow up appreciating the world around them and learning how they can help save it for generations to come.

This is no normal summer camp. Each camp member submits an application and is selected from many applications that are received. The campers experience 5 weeks of learning through classroom study and more importantly through the many field trips that they take. From a day of playing Marshland survivor in Smyrna, to an overnight trip to Cape Henlopen, the kids get an on hand experience like no other. They are learning all about Delaware’s history and what they can do to preserve it, plus they are having a ton of fun too!

You might not be able to go to camp, but there are tons of ways you can learn about Delaware horticulture. Not only can you stop by any of the community gardens, but one easy way is to take a look at the tour that the center has put together online.

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