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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


One of the advantages of doing business in Delaware is the pro business government. The State has gone to great lengths to ensure that it remains friendly and open by making information available and easily accessible. For example, the rules for the Delaware courts available online for review at their Delaware State Courts website.

Here's a quick link to the Delaware Court of Chancery Rules online in PDF Format.

From time to time, notes and amendments are required and they are published online as well. We just had one this week! Here's the latest update from Delaware's business court:

Standing Order regarding Governing E-Filing of Confidential Documents - October 6, 2008 (PDF format)


Monday, October 06, 2008

Log in tips for Delaware Intercorp's Website

In 2008, Delaware Intercorp, Inc. launched a new and improved web site.

Your company/companies are now linked to your email account. In order to log in and use services, you must use the email address that we have on file for you. Please review our previous email correspondence to insure that you are trying to log in using the email address of record. If you are uncertain, or if you need to update the email address of record, please contact our Accounts Receivable department at You will be notified if additional documentation is required.

If you do not have a password, or can not recall your password, please proceed with the following steps.

1. Go to
2. Click on Login in the upper right hand corner.
3. Enter your email address under Forgot Your Password and click on Request a New Password. Make sure you click this button only once. A note will appear above Member Login Below, indicating that Your Password Has Been Sent. Please check your e-mail.
4. Enter your email address under the section marked as follows:
-Login information:
-Enter your e-mail address and password below:
5. Click the Login button to the right of that section. If the password submitted is incorrect, a note will appear above Member Login Below, indicating Invalid Login.
6. Change your password using the temporary password as the old password.
7. A message will appear indicating that Password Changed.

You may then proceed to placing a new order, paying a registered agent fee, or paying your State franchise taxes, etc.

More Login tips:

1. Passwords must be at least five characters.
2. Be sure to only copy the text of the temporary password. Do not include additional spaces at the beginning or end when copying or pasting the temporary password.
3. It is recommended that you log in prior to the registered agent fee or franchise tax due date to insure that you will have access to site features when you need them.


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