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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


The United States Postal Service (USPS) is awaiting approval from the Postal Regulation Commission of the proposed price changes for its shipping services. There is no price increase for 1st class mail or any other Postal Service mailing product such as the Forever stamp. The increase will take effect on January 17, 2016. Some of the highlights on the upcoming rate changes are:

1. Priority Mail Express service will have an average increase of 15.6% with the exception of   
    packages weighing less than 0.5 lbs being shipped to Zones 5, 6 and 7
2. Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelopes will have an increase of $2.55
3. Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Boxes will be discontinued next year.
4. Priority Mail Express International postal rates will have an average increase of 11.6%

For complete listing of the rate changes, check out-

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Delaware Future Effective Dates

Did you know that Delaware law allows a future effective date (and even time) for any type of filing 90 days from the date filed?  This is especially useful this time of year.  Filing now with a future effective date permits you to secure a desired filing date when the Division of Corporations is closed (eg: January 1), avoid rush fees to meet a deadline at the end of the year, or prevent problems related to missing a crucial deadline because a filing was rejected while you were away for the holidays.

And, if you are ready to take action now to form a company for the new year, but want to avoid paying franchise tax for the current year, you can request a filing have a 2016 effective date.

Language regarding the future effective date has to be included on the document to be filed in addition to simply being requested.  Please let us know your needs at the point of order if Delaware Intercorp, Inc. will be preparing the document for you.

Keep in mind that certain certificates (eg: certificate of status) cannot be issued until the applicable date has arrived.


Monday, November 23, 2015


Many clients ask us if they really need a corporate kit.  Although the kit itself is not a requirement, record keeping often is, even if you are the only individual involved in the company.  One of the reasons you started an LLC or corporation is to limit liability, right?  Maintaining accurate records is one of the important steps in doing that.

Corporate Kits are tools designed to help you with that process. They are 3-ring binders customized with your company name that come with sample printed templates for various company resolutions and actions, and they store important company documents in one place for easy retrieval.  In addition to being necessary for compliance in some cases, it’s practical to have all of your documents organized for banks, lenders, investors, buyers, and other parties.

Each corporate kit will also include 20 pre-printed stock/membership certificates as well as a corporate embossing seal to give your documents a more professional look.

Forgot to order your kit at the time of incorporation, or not using our agent service?  Not a problem – anyone can order a kit from us, anytime.

Holiday Announcement

Offices of Delaware Secretary of State and Delaware Intercorp will be closed in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday on Thursday, November 26 and 27.  Online orders received during this time will be processed upon our return on Monday, November 30.



The following is a general notification of the annual report/franchise tax obligation to the State of Delaware.  We will send an additional email notification, once the franchise tax has been assessed and is payable for your entity type.

The 2015 Delaware Corporate Franchise Tax and Annual Report are due by MARCH 1, 2016.

Paper copies WILL NOT be mailed. Your 2015 Delaware Annual Report and Franchise Tax notification will be sent via electronic mail to the email address of record.

The minimum franchise tax for corporations using the Authorized Shares Method remains $175, while the minimum franchise tax for corporations using the Assumed Par Value Capital Method is unchanged at $350.

Electronic filing of the Annual Report and Franchise Tax is mandatory for corporations in Delaware.  Failing to file a fully completed report, including the names and addresses of officers and directors, and remit the proper payment on or before MARCH 1, 2016 will result in penalty and/or interest charges being assessed by the State of Delaware. Additionally, it will prevent your entity from obtaining a certificate of good standing and will ultimately result in the State revoking your charter.


The 2015 Delaware LP/LLC/GP Franchise Tax is due by JUNE 1, 2016.

The alternative entity tax of $300 is unchanged.  Any entity which fails to submit the total tax amount due by the June 1, 2016 filing deadline will be assessed a late penalty and/or interest charges by the State of Delaware.

Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and General Partnerships are not required to file an annual report but are responsible to pay the franchise tax.
Will your entity continue?  Unless a certificate of cancellation, dissolution or merger has been filed with the State by the end of calendar year 2015, every Corporation or LP/LLC/GP is required to file the Annual Report and/or pay the Franchise Tax.

How to pay:  Online payment will be available, once the franchise tax has been assessed, typically after January 1 for Corporations and after March 1 for LP/LLC/GP's.  The Annual Report form, used by corporations to file the Annual Report and Franchise Tax will be available on our website.  Login to our secure website, using your email address of record and password, then select Pay Franchise Tax / EZ File from our navigation menu.  Contact us if you need assistance with the process.

Are your contact details up to date?  Communicating with us is important to ensure your contact details are accurate.  If you need to change your mailing or email address of record, please inform us at  You will be notified by email if a follow-up written confirmation is required.  Additionally, if your company does not appear in your account upon selecting: Pay Franchise Tax / EZ File, or you require a password reset, contact us at

It is our goal to provide you with the best service for the best value!  If you have other Delaware entities that you would like to change to our service, contact us at  We will pay the Delaware State filing fee for the Certificate of Change of Agent!  Let us tell you how Delaware Intercorp can assist you with making corporate compliance easy for all of your entities under our management.

As always, we are here if you have any questions or matters with which we can assist you!

Thank you for choosing Delaware Intercorp, Inc.  

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