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Friday, March 12, 2010

Hybrid car v. traditional car

Innovation and invention can cause one industry to be replaced by another. Has anyone seen a typewriter around lately? The typewriter is no longer being utilized as often as it was in the past thanks to the computer. Technological breakthroughs happen everyday and effect different markets. These breakthroughs could be causing the change that is happening in the car market. This is happening due to the hybrid cars that run on electricity and charge by being plugged in. There are cities that are on the verge of replacing gas stations with charging stations because of these cars. The need to fill up cars using gas may soon be a long lost memory. One of the cities embracing this market is San Francisco, which has been a leader in the use of new innovations for some time now. Just like the typewriters, the traditional car may eventually be taken out of the marketplace. History has shown us no invention will be on top forever. Can these two competing car markets become in the end one market? Business may only allow one to survive by the end of this fight.

The DGCL has been around for 111 years!

...and today is it's Birthday.

On March 12, 1899 The Delaware Corporation Law was enacted giving the Secretary of State, not the General Assembly, authority to approve incorporations.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shall I try a new business?

Ahh, the inspiration and power of entrepreneurship-

Shall I try a new business?
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