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Friday, October 30, 2015

Restricted Words - Delaware Companies

As discussed on our website topic page, your Delaware company’s name must contain a corporate identifier for most business structures and be distinguishable from other names currently being used.  However, did you know that there are also words that your company name may not contain? 

The use of these restricted words is not always prohibited, but permission must be granted from certain agencies, such as the State Bank Commissioner or Department of Education, and certain criteria must be met to obtain that.  This has to occur before the Division of Corporations can approve a filing containing a restricted word.

The rules surrounding the naming of companies are contained within the Delaware Code.

Restricted Words:

Bank, or any variation thereof                                                 
Bank, or any variation thereof                                                 
Corporation, Corp., Incorporated or Inc.
University or College
Any document listing any name in a foreign language must have the English version at least in the comments area of the cover memo.  If it is a person’s name they must state that fact on the cover memo. 

Words that are vulgar, or that translate as profanities, or would otherwise be harmful to the state or deceptive to the public are actually prohibited.    

Delaware has one of the shortest list of restricted words!  Do you plan on registering your Delaware company to do business in another state?   NY, FL, CA, and many others have a much more extensive list.  You may want to take this into consideration before naming your Delaware company or you will end up having to choose an alternate name for the other state.

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