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Friday, April 24, 2015

EZ File: Fast, Convenient, Easy!

As you are likely aware, the Delaware LLC/GP/LP June 1st Franchise Tax filing deadline is approaching fast!  In order to make the filing process easier and more convenient for you, as well as to provide you with a single source for your filing and payment history, I’d like to introduce you to the benefits of EZ File.  Delaware Intercorp, Inc's. EZ File franchise tax interface is available through our secure website, so that we can provide you with convenient and affordable filing and payment submission through our service.

It’s Fast and Convenient.
-     Your account is consolidated so that you will be able to view all of your active LLC’s with only one login ID and password,  enter multiple LLC payments to your shopping cart and enter your payment details once!
It’s Private
-       Your order and payment information are received in our office and paid through our depository account with the State of Delaware!
It’s Accurate and Guaranteed
-       Once we receive your funds, your filings are made with the State. There is no need to be concerned with postal/courier delays which may result in a State penalty/interest assessment.

EZ File is an effective tool for managing your Delaware Franchise Tax payments.  Please login and let us know what you think!   In the event that you have difficulty with the login process or with resetting your password, our service team is ready to assist you!

By Maureen Shelly


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