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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Closes Delaware Division of Corporations and the office of Delaware Intercorp, Inc. - Extraordinary Event filings will be permitted

Due to Hurricane Sandy, the Delaware Division of Corporations will be closed on Monday, October 29, 2012. The offices of Delaware Intercorp will also be closed that day. We anticipate returning to the office as soon as the weather event has passed.

So what happens when you need to make a filing and the Division of Corporations has declared an emergency closing?

You don't need to miss out on an important filing date for your Delaware entity!

An extraordinary event has been declared by the Delaware Division of Corporations. This act will permit file dates on the day(s) the State is closed in accordance with 8 DEL.C.ยง103(I)(1) and related sections under 6 DEL.C. 

If you have an date sensitive filing, such as a entity formation, amendment, cancellation, dissolution, merger or anything at all, let our team know and we can assist you with securing that date once things get to normal around here.

Also, please be advised that our online ordering system is currently available for use. You may submit your order online, and even though we are unable to make filings with the the Delaware Division of Corporations while they are closed, any orders we receive will be processed once the emergency conditions have been lifted. Remember- if you need a to have a filing date of Oct. 29th (or subsequent dates that the extraordinary event may be extended to include), you need to let us know in the comments section of your order form. Otherwise, it will be filed as of the first available date when all offices are reopened.

As always, you may email any questions to our team at One of our representatives will assist you as soon as we are able.



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