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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Step By Step Instructions of How To Create a LinkedIn Company Profile

Social media sites which offer Personal Profiles sometimes offer Company Profiles, as well. LinkedIn is no different in that respect. A Company Profile allows a business to share information about products and services, job opportunities, careers and corporate culture with LinkedIn users. LinkedIn’s Company Profile collects data and displays the analyzed results for use by professionals who use LinkedIn.

In order to create a LinkedIn Company Profile, you must first be registered with a LinkedIn Personal Profile.

To start creating a LinkedIn Company Profile,

2. In the upper right hand corner of the page, fill in the email address and password of the personal profile account.

3. Click the “Companies” hyperlink in the top of the profile page.

4. When the new page loads, click “Add a Company” in the upper left corner of the page.

5. Fill in the designated boxes with your company’s name and email address which you use
at the company

6. Click the box next to “I verify that I am the official representative of this company and have the right to act on behalf of my company in the creation of this page”, if you agree with the statement.

7. Press the Continue button.

8. Follow LinkedIn’s wizard for creating your company profile

a. Information requested includes:

i. Description
ii. Number of Employees
iii. Industry
iv. Admins
v. Company Logos
vi. Specialties
vii. Twitter feeds
viii. Company Blog Feeds
ix. Company type
x. Company Size
xi. Company Website
xii. Locations
xii. Careers

By creating a LinkedIn Company Profile, LinkedIn will be able to take information from its site and paint a picture of how your company measures up to others in your industry. A LinkedIn Company Profile is easy to create and maintain. It is also very simple to enhance your LinkedIn Company Profile with the use of applications. The applications offered through the LinkedIn website can further your social media goals.

We will discuss the LinkedIn applications, of which to take notice, in our next post.


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