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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Social Media Blog Series: Introduction to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is currently the largest professional networking site on the Internet. Its value is in providing a safe environment to search for other professionals, who are or have previously been colleagues, classmates, students or acquaintances known by other means. LinkedIn members use a Profile, like many other social media sites, to interact with fellow professionals. The manner in which a profile allows an individual to interact is through the use of:

· Inmail - This is a private message which permits LinkedIn members to contact or be contacted, by other members, while protecting the recipients’ privacy. This feature requires payment as an individual service or as part of a premium account package.
· Introductions - This is a free way to interact with other members, who are two or three degrees away from you, through the use of your connections.
· Invitations - This is a request for another LinkedIn member to join your network. This can be done on a person’s LinkedIn profile or by emailing the person.
· Recommendations - This is an endorsement of a LinkedIn member as a colleague, business partner, student or service provider. A member can request to be recommended by a member --or -can make a recommendation of another member.
· Messages - This is a LinkedIn email which can be sent to contacts.

LinkedIn is a site which helps to diversify your resume and advance your career path. In our next post of this series, we will list the steps to create a LinkedIn account.


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