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Friday, March 18, 2011

Importance of Communication

Ever met a business professional with great communication skills? Read an email and knew the reason it was sent and how to respond without asking any questions? The importance of communication can be seen every day by every person. As a communicator and listener, people are affected by how well they can give information and how well others converse.

An audience should be able to understand the message the whole time they are listening. There are seminars, classes, books, cds, etc that are excellent resources to learn how to communicate. In order to be successful these skills must be practiced in the right way. Business communication deals with revenue so it is not like any other communication. The more interesting the conversation, the higher the chance someone’s resources will be invested in a business.

For an audience to be able to truly appreciate what is written there has to be a passion to write and portray the true reason it was written to them. Coworkers, management, presidents, bosses, or clients could be the audience, so it is necessary for an intelligent, comprehensible conversation. What is done being done for them has to be conveyed in a positive way with all parts of the process being explained to make sure that they will jump on board. In face to face conversation, there should be a smile, eye contact, and enthusiasm. For a written dialogue, there should be no overuse of exclamation marks, short lines, and only relevant facts.

Eloquent writing is the ability to understand a wide range of topics and create those topics in smaller concepts that can be easily distributed. To make sure there are no mistakes, more time should be taken to figure out what the theme is being communicated. Focus on words and common connotations whether they be good or bad. Judgment will occure based on the message presented so it has to be clear and truthful. This gives the audience a reason to believe the intelligence of the person who has a grasp on the concept. Free time could be spent improving communication skills to decrease worries about what mood is set, what tone is being present and strengths/weakness of certain words.


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