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Friday, February 18, 2011


Ever wonder what events are being celebrated in other parts of the world? Below is the GPS of World Holidays so you can plan ahead if you intend to send a package to someone .

1- St. Brigid's Day- Montserrat
3- Chinese (Lunar) New Year*
(3-5 days)-Brunei, China, Hongkong, Korea, Macau,Malaysia, Mauritus, Singapore,South
Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam; San Blas Day- Paraguay
4- Independence Day-Sri Lanka
5- Unity Day- Burundi
7- Constitution Day-Mexico; Independence Day-Grenada
8- Culture Day-Slovenia
10- St. Paul's Shipwreck- Malta
11- Armed Forces Day - Liberia; National Foundation Day- Japan
15- Prophet Muhammad's Birthday- Bahrain, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Malaysia,
Morocco, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates
16- Re-establishment Day -Lithuania
21 - President's Day- United States and territories
22- Independence Day-St. Lucia
23- Republic Day- Guyana
24- Independence Day - Estonia
25- National Day- Kuwait
28- Memorial Day-Taiwan
1- Heroes'Day - Paraguay; Independence Day Movement-South Korea
3- Liberation Day- Bulgaria
7- Ash Monday- Greece ;Carnival-Argentina, Aruba, Bolivia, Brazil, Curacao & Bonaire,
Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Portugal, Uruguay, Venezuela
8- International Women's Day-Angola, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cambodia, Congo, Eritrea,
Guinea-Bissau, Kazakhastan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos,Macedonia,Moldova,Nepal,Russia,
Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam;Shrove Tuesday- French Guiana
9- Ash Wednesday- Observed in more than 85 predominantly Christian nations;
Baron Bliss Day- Belize
11- Independence Restoration Day- Lithuania
15- Revolution Day-Hungary
17- St. Patrick's Day-Ireland, Montserrat
18-Flag and Anthem Day- Aruba
21- Birthday of Benito Juarez-Mexico; Feast of San Jose*-Colombia, Malta, Spain
Human Rights Day- South Africa; Vernal Equinox Day-Japan
22- Emancipation Day-Puerto Rico
24- Truth and Justice Day-Argentina
25- Independence Day- Cyprus, Greece
29- Memorial Day-Madagascar; Youth Day-Taiwan
30- Liberation Day- Trinidad & Tobago
* Based on the lunar calendar.Observance varies by country

For more information on the list of holidays by country, you can visit



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