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Friday, August 27, 2010

SBA Office of International Trade to Conduct Small Business Export Matchmaker Conference as Part of President’s National Export Initiative

Are you looking to increase sales for your business?

Nearly 280,000 small businesses account for 97 percent of all exporters in the U.S., exporting almost $500 billion annually. The conditions are right to consider exporting!

The Small Business Export Matchmaker Conference is designed to bring together small businesses looking for additional markets together with export management companies (EMC), export trading companies (ETC), brokers and agents. Also known as trade intermediaries, EMCs and ETCs are export specialists that will buy a company’s products and sell them in foreign markets or represent a company’s products in foreign markets through a distribution or similar contract.

If you are a Manufacturer, Distributor or Supplier, you'll meet with Export Trade Facilitators including Export Management and Export Trading Companies. They can make exporting as easy as making a domestic sale.

Working with an EMC or ETC is often the fastest way for small businesses to either begin exporting or expand export sales because they do not need to commit additional staff to the effort. By using trade intermediaries, small businesses can make it easier and quicker to begin marketing and selling to the nearly 96 percent of the world’s population living outside the U.S.

“One of President Obama’s goals stated in the National Export Initiative is to double U.S. exports in five years,” said SBA Administrator Karen Mills. “Tapping the export potential of more small businesses through events like this will get us closer to that goal.”

Export Management & Trading Companies, Agents, Distributors, Brokers, Foreign Trade Offices and Consulates, Bi-national Chambers of Commerce and Export Service Providers — are you looking to source products made in the U.S.?

Meet with small business manufacturers, suppliers and distributors seeking export opportunities.

The SBA is encouraging trade intermediaries from across the country, as well as foreign buying missions and other trade facilitators such as foreign consulates and bi-national chambers of commerce, shippers, and other trade- or export-services organizations to participate in the event.

Sound interesting?

Check out the agenda or request more information about the the event online.



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