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Monday, February 15, 2010

2009 Delaware Corporation Franchise Tax and Annual Reports

It may be cold outside, but things are heating up at the Delaware Division of Corporations! We are approaching the March 1st deadline for filing your 2009 Delaware corporations annual report and franchise tax.

Be aware: changes which affect the maximum tax and the report
filing fees are effective this year. The maximum tax increased to $180,000, while the minimum tax remained $75. Non-exempt annual report filing fees, also increased to $50, while qualifying exempt corporations, under the Delaware Code, will continue to pay $25.

Unless a certificate of dissolution or merger was filed with the State by the end of calendar year 2009, every Corporation is required to file the Annual Franchise Tax Report and pay the Franchise Tax by the March 1st deadline.

Failure to file a fully completed report, including the names and addresses of officers and directors, and remit the proper payment on or before MARCH 1, 2010 will result in $100.00 penalty and/or interest charges being assessed by the State of Delaware at the rate of 1.5% per month. Additionally, it will prevent your company from obtaining a certificate of good standing and will ultimately result in the State revoking your charter.

Although the law permits your filing and payment on or before March 1st, we highly recommend that you file the report and pay the tax at least a week before the deadline.

If you need
information or assistance with filing your annual report through Delaware Intercorp’s secure EZ File tool, please contact Joanne at:


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