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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The 2009 Small Business Resource Guide

If you are planning on starting a business of if you are already running a business, chances are that you have a lot on your mind these days. Somehow between the economic slowdown & economic stimulus you sill need to manage to keep on top of everything else.

Wouldn't it be nice if was an online business tool to help you find the information that you need about taxes and other business topics? Wouldn't it even better if this was a free business resource?

Allow me to introduce you to the IRS Small Business Resource Guide 2009.

It's a great business planning tool that is available at no cost!

Check out the Business Related Index section for helpful info on topics such as:

  • Pre Business Start-Up

  • Review a checklist for going into business, information on Government regulations, the basics on writing a business plan, as well as details on financing your business start up.

  • Starting Your Business

  • Learn how to obtain an EIN, what kind of business recordkeeping is required, how to select a business structure, or answer questions like what are business assets or what are business expenses?

  • Specialized Business Guidance

  • Find out about special provisions for Corporations, for S-Corporations, Partnerships and LLCs or discover how to choose and operate a retirement plan for your business.

  • Hiring

  • Understand the difference between an employee and an independent contractor and how to handle employer W-2 reporting.

  • Changing/Closing Your Business

  • Learn what the Federal Government requires you to do to report a change of ownership or what types of final returns are required when you are closing your business.

    Sure, there is a heavy tax and Federal Government spin on this info, but anyone running a business needs all the help they can get. Just remember, that you may have some State or local requirements that you need to investigate and comply with as well.



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