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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

50+ Entrepreneurs: The Retirement Years

They say that 50 is the new 20.

Ok, I just made that up. But the reality is retirement isn't what it used to be, and retirees aren't what they used to be either. Gone are the days of sitting in the rocking chair on the front porch. Many retirees bring maturity, valuable work experience, and plenty of energy to the table. And they don't really want to ride off into the sunset!

This is something that I'm not making up- according to a recent USA Today/Gallup poll, 63% of non-retired adults in the United States plan to work in retirement; two-thirds say enjoyment of work is the key reason.

Why not try running your own small business?

The SBA hits the nail on the head when they state:

"There are as many reasons for starting a small business as there are Americans reaching retirement age: corporate layoffs, the need to supplement income, a desire for a more flexible lifestyle, advanced technology that is leveling the playing field for small businesses, the chance to realize a personal ambition to be the boss and reap the rewards."

If you agree, check out the US Small Business Administration webpage for 50+ entrepreneurs to find out how the SBA and its Resource Partners can help you succeed at starting a business in retirement:

  • What are the possibilities?

  • Am I cut out to run a small business?

  • What do I need to get started?

  • Who can I talk to?

  • How can SBA help me succeed?

  • How has the SBA helped others?

  • What other resources are available?



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