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Monday, April 07, 2008

Delaware Division of Corporations Releases 2007 Statistics

Delaware Secretary of State Harriet Smith Windsor reports on the State of Business at the Delaware Division of Corporations...

Significant Growth in 2007
  • New Corporations incorporated in Delaware: 35,700

  • New LLC's formed in Delaware: 111,820

  • New LP's and LLP's formed in Delaware: 9,813

  • New Statutory Trusts (f/k/a Business Trusts) formed in Delaware: 4,449

  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings and searches: 380,000

  • All of this growth is due to in no small part to the direct efforts to keep Delaware Laws attractive to business around the globe, as well as the Division of Corporations commitment to quality and customer service.

    No doubt, this is why Directorship Magazine concluded that the
    “Delaware courts are seen as fair and reasonable with the most efficient litigation practices, and their influence on corporate governance matters rivals that of
    the SEC or Congress.”

    Read the full report:
    Delaware Division of Corporations Annual Report 2007



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