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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Minstrel In The (Peanut) Gallery

While trying to find a good blog subject, I tried to think of something that made me happy. From there, I progressed to the Middle Ages. For some reason, this time period appeals to me.

It all started with a novel, of all things, called “My Enemy the Queen” by Victoria Holt. It told the story of a woman who was in love with one of Queen Elizabeth I’s favorites – Robert, Earl of Leicester.

While reading the book, I had many questions about what parts were real and what parts were fictional. Thus started a new passion for history, specifically British History.

While you are busy at your work-a-day world, take a little time to stop, smell the roses, and do something you enjoy.

By the way, I took a moment to see what my vocation interest/medieval occupation would be at Career Management International. I would be a dreamer – minstrel. Go figure. ;)

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