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Friday, December 07, 2007

Nintendo Wii

So, on December 3rd 2006, at 3 am you would have found me camped out in front of the Target store on route 202. Why you ask?

I have two brothers that only wanted a Nintendo Wii for their birthday. I did all kinds of research and tried every store in Delaware to find one. I found out the hard way that this was the toy to buy last year and the only way to get one was to be very lucky or camp out. Hence the reasoning behind my camping out… To make a long story short- After waiting 6 hours in freezing weather, both my sister and I got a wii. We gave one to our brothers and sold the other on ebay for double what we paid for it. Kind-of makes camping out worth it… Kind-of.

What is a Wii? The Wii is the newest video game system that allows players of all ages interactively play video games. Players literally act out what they want to happen on the screen! Revolutionary controller design offers unique motion-sensitive game play options and Built-in Wi-Fi delivers free online services and game play. All this makes the Wii one of the most unique, yet affordable at home game consoles.

Much to my surprise, the Nintendo Wii is more popular this year than last year! What is even more surprising is that this year- the people waiting out for Wii’s are not waiting for their kids, they are waiting for themselves! On Grandmother at Gamestop earlier this week was getting the Wii system not for her grandchildren, but so that she would play the new Dancing with the Stars game herself. The popularity of the Wii has extending into the adult crowd. And even the Senior Citizen crowd is getting in on the action!

The appeal of the Nintendo Wii comes greatly from many of the activities and games that go along with the console. Games such as WiiFit, where players use the different controls and a balance board to do various aerobic activities in their living room and wii sports, where players can play tennis or even go bowling at home are not only fun but get players moving and exercising as well. I think it is great that Nintendo has created a unique experience that kids, as well as adults, love to play. It is keeping kids and adults active and it is better then just sitting in front of the tv.

The “Wii-Hype” is making its second time around as one this years hottest toys, just in time for the Christmas season. Selling for 249.99, online retailers such as and sometimes get the system in, so keep an eye out, you may be lucky enough to get one. If that does not work, camping out at a local Target or Gamestop may be your only other option to get one before Christmas!


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