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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Ultimate Small-Business Resource Guide

I love a good resource. Tons of information, all in one place, as far as I'm concerned you just can't beat it.

Recently, I stumbled across the Ultimate Small-Business Resource Guide on the Fortune Small Business website. It's packed full of information- some of which is just an interesting read and some of which is practical and useful. Check it out for yourself:

Solve 5 top accounting annoyances
Get expert advice on locating software that works for you.

Going global
The days when only big corporations could do business internationally are over. How to turn your company into a multi-national one.

Your stay-out-of-court guide
Avoid costly traps that often ensnare small business owners .

Ease the pain of government regulations
How to minimize paperwork - and save your time and money.

Real estate 101
Choose the right location for your business, using these tips for navigating an uncertain marketplace.

A startup is born (video)
Two stay-at-home moms ensured their innovative satin-tagged baby products had a solid market by first testing the waters. Learn their secrets of success.

5 steps to hiring right
Bringing a new employee on board is an expensive proposition. Here's how to find the best ones for your small business.

4 ways to market your business online
You can't expect to compete as a small business today without taking advantage of online marketing tools. Here's how to get started.

7 great ways to finance a startup
From credit cards - hey, it worked for Google - to your own customers and suppliers, there's money out there if you get creative.

Everyone wants to start a business
Last year a record number of Americans started companies. Here's why becoming your own boss has become a national obsession.


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