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Monday, July 30, 2007


I love everything about words and language. You can ask any of my friends or co-workers. If I don’t know what a word means or am unsure of the definition, I will look it up. "K" just asked me while I was writing this blog if reasonableness is a word. Of course, I looked it right up on one of my favorite sites: For the record, it is a word.

Names are fun too. I enjoy knowing the meaning behind the name. I've worked with twins, brave rulers, and army rulers. It sounds much better than Tom, Dick, and Harry, don't you think? I get most of my first name information from

Surnames can tell you about nationality, and sometimes about the city or town where the people were from, what type of business their ancestor was in, or who their father was.

Here are a few of my other favorite word sites for other wordsmith's out there:

I hope that you enjoy these sites as much as I do. Carpe diem and look up a new word.

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