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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Pigs on the Highway

Well, the Highway bill is now law at $295 Billion over five years. This illustrates two problems with our government.

1) The Congress is using budget tricks to make it look like the bill will cost ONLY $286.4 billion. The difference is a scheduled rescission to be made by congress on the last date the bill covers. Don't hold your breath waiting for Congress to vote NOT to spend money. Quoting Stephen Slivinski on from August 16, 2005:

The bill is filled to the brim with pork projects -- it's stuffed "like a turkey," bragged Rep. Don Young of Alaska, House transportation committee chairman and the main beneficiary of some of the most expensive projects within, including a $231 million bridge in Anchorage to be named "Don Young's Way."

But why not allow the States to make their own decisions about highways by allowing them to keep ALL of the gas taxes they collect. We could eliminate the Federal Tax and substitute State taxes of the same amount and increase efficiency if nothing else.

2) The Congress and President Bush have lost all care for spending restraint. The President said he would veto any bill greater than $275 Billion. That did not happen and he has lost all credibility regarding the veto threat.

According to Mr. Slivinski, there are very few congressmen that are taking a serious stand on this issue. We hope to urge them on by highlighting their efforts here. They are Jeff Flake from Arizona and Scott Garrett of New Jersey. They have proposed eliminating the Federal Gas Tax to allow the States to conduct their own business on the highways.


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