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Friday, June 17, 2005

US Postal Service Update

The United States Postal Service wants a rate hike. Have you ever heard that before?

A recent report by the AP(“Postal Service Execs Pocket Moving Money”) shines more light on one reason the Postal Service should NOT be granted a rate hike. As outlined on the Capitalist Chatter blog of the Small Business and Entrepreneurial Council...
The Postal Service provided executives with moving expenses ranging between $10,000 and $25,000, and did not require any receipts, while allowing employees to keep any leftover cash.

And so it goes. Small business should defend their interest by calling or writing to their congressperson. I would advocate for privatization of the Postal Service. If we gave each citizen one share in the new private Postal Service, Inc. (A Delaware Corporation) we could decide for ourselves to sell, keep or even buy more shares. And Postal Service, Inc. would be free to compete against DHL (The German Post Office) and carriers like Federal Express on an even playing field.


I couldn’t agree more Alan. I’m not a fan of mediocrity, and that would be a generous assessment of the way the US Postal Service has been run.

I prefer the natural selection that prevails in private industry. You perform, are swallowed or go the way of the dinosaur. There’s simply no incentive to improve, let alone excel, when you can expect a handout every few years.

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