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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

More Naming Problems for Google

I just ran across an item in "A Nasty Bit of Business" that relates to the name topic we have touched upon a few times here.

It appears Google has finally met its match in the French Courts. We struggled with this quite a bit last year as Google sold access to our name to our competitors. Delaware Intercorp is a trademark of Delaware Intercorp, Inc.

I guess we should consider it a compliment that our competitors want to buy access to our name. But we have worked hard to make the name mean something to our customers and we do not want them to be mislead to another site.


Hi Alan,

It's much cheaper for your competitors to bid upon your trademarked name than it is for a more generic term.

Instead of the $9.00 per click or higher that they might pay for common words in your niche, they can pay cents for your company name, and sponge off the good will you've developed over the years.

And Google seems to be encouraging this type of behavior.

By Blogger William Slawski, at 4:42 PM  

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