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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Can't They Find Something Better to Do?

With Social Security privatization, the tax code overhaul and the war in Iraq on the Federal agenda, you would think the States could pick up some of the slack in addressing the problems of today.

But no, in Virginia the House of Representatives has passed a bill making it illegal ($50.00 fine) to wear pants in such a way that they allow viewing of underwear.

And in Oregon the State raised gas taxes to promote conservation. This effort was so successful they now have a budget crunch. Imagine, a government plan actually worked... too well.

Here in Delaware, the political class commissioned a study to set (raise) pay rates for all State employees. Now that the bill passed, by lack of action to stop it, the politicos are scrambling for cover.

Now that is a nice job, if you can get it.


I read an article recently that fits in nicely with your post Alan. It seems that Congress is trying hard to find better things to do, they just happen to be more of the wrong things!

Think about what a Cell Phone, VoIP, or internet tax do to our economy.Q. How long until a tax like that ends up coming out of the wallet of the consumer?
A. Before the ink even dries.

By Blogger Russell, at 5:41 PM  

Well, at least the Virginia Senate realized how ridiculous the "droopy-pants bill" has become. According to CNN, the bill was dropped by Virginia lawmakers because "the whole thing became too embarassing."

By Blogger Melissa, at 9:29 AM  

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